Texas sends search and rescue crews to Florida to help with Hurricane Ian

Texas Governor Greg Abbott activated Texas A&M Task Force 1 Tuesday to help Florida with Hurricane Ian recovery.

"He acknowledged that many times Texas was assisted in situations like Hurricane Harvey by teams from Florida," said Jeff Saunders, Director from Texas A&M Task Force 1. "We’re happy to go assist our partners."

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Ian strengthened into a major category 3 hurricane on Tuesday. The hurricane is expected to make landfall with at least 100 mph winds, several inches of rain, and a storm surge of 10 feet.

"They are going to be going door to door, in areas where they can search for survivors in areas affected," said Saunders. "If they can’t get to them on the ground, [crews are] taking numerous boats with them."

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Centerpoint Energy also sent nearly 100 crews from Houston to help restore power in Florida.

"It’s going to be a big storm," said Saunders. "It’s going to have some damaging affects."