Texas ranked 38th state with highest SAT score, 49 points below average: report

SAT tests can now be administered digitally, so Learner decided to conduct a report on how scores varied across the country.

According to Learner's data, Texas came was ranked 38 in states with the highest SAT score at 1001, which placed it 49 points below the national average, which sits at 1050. The lowest score you can make on the exam is 400 with the highest score being 1600.

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The average score total in the state of Texas in 2021 was 1002, based on the data from the Texas Education Agency.

Wisconsin was ranked first based on Learner's data with an average score of 1252 and 202 points above the national average. West Virginia had the lowest SAT score according to Learner with 938.


A few states even tied for their ranking. Kentucky and South Dakota tied for ranking eighth with scores of 1219, Missouri and Tennessee both had scores of 1200 ranking them 11, and Hawaii and Virginia’s average ranked 21 with scores of 1124.

To see the full report from Learner, click here.