Texas Education Agency officially takes over Houston ISD

Houston ISD is officially being taken over by the Texas Education Agency.

A letter from the TEA commissioner states a board of managers will execute the power and duties of the Board of Trustees.

This comes after an investigation by the TEA over allegations of the trustees’ violation of the Open Meetings Act and consistent poor academic performances from Wheatley High School.

The commissioner also states he'll appoint a superintendent to improve the district's performance.

The letter is addressed to Dr. Grenita Lathan and Board President Diana Davila, who lost her seat in last night's election.

 A statement from Governor Greg Abbott's office says in part:

"Houston ISD has failed to meet that responsibility and students across the district have paid the price. An entire generation of students have been left behind because of the school board’s policies and repeated failures. I fully support the Texas Education Agency’s takeover of HISD."


State takeover of HISD could negatively impact students