Texas City man fishing for alligator gar reels in quite the surprise

A Texas City man got quite the surprise while fishing in a river on Tuesday afternoon. 

The man, who sent us video of what happened, said he had been fishing for alligator gar in the same spot in his backyard, like he'd been doing for the past four years. 

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However, during his fishing Tuesday, he reeled in much more than alligator gar. He actually reeled in a five-foot alligator. 

In surveillance video provided by the man, he actually struggled to contain the alligator at first after grabbing its tail. 

However, after some assistance from Galveston County Animal Control, the gator willingly gave up and was released back into the river without incident. 

One person could be seen on surveillance video telling the alligator, "Don't come back now, ya hear!"

As we are approaching the summer months, alligators will likely be spotted in area communities and near rivers and bayous. 

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If you do encounter an alligator at any time, you should not approach it and contact your local law enforcement or county animal control, and they will handle the alligator.