Texas Children's Hospital doctor indicted amid claims of DOJ corruption

A Houston doctor has been indicted on charges of unlawfully obtaining protected health information for patients not under his care at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH). 

Alamdar S. Hamdani announced the unsealing of the indictment, which outlines 34-year-old Ethan Haim's alleged actions and his upcoming initial court appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Yvonne Y. Ho in Houston.

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The indictment, which includes four counts, accuses Haim of accessing sensitive patient data, such as names, treatment codes, and attending physician details, without authorization from TCH’s electronic system. It is alleged that Haim accessed this information under false pretenses with the intent to cause harm to the hospital.

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Haim, who was a resident at Baylor College of Medicine with previous rotations at TCH, reportedly sought to reactivate his login credentials at TCH in April 2023 to access information on pediatric patients outside his care. The indictment claims that Haim accessed the data unlawfully and later shared it with a media contact.


In a twist to the case, Haim has been active on social media, alleging that he exposed a secret program at Texas Children’s Hospital and criticized the Department of Justice for pursuing him. 

He tweeted, "I blew the whistle on Texas Children’s secret sex change program and the Department of Justice came after me for exposing the truth. After experiencing DOJ corruption, we've decided to fight back. If you want to join the fight, donate below. They wanted to intimidate me into silence using every technique the federal leviathan had at their disposal. But they failed. The only way to lose is to submit to corruption. It's time to fight back harder than ever!" Haim has also set up a legal defense fund, stating, "GiveSendGo | Legal Defense Fund for Surgeon Whistleblower."

Rep. Dan Crenshaw has publicly supported Haim, stating, "Flat out — this prosecution should not be happening; that's obvious to anyone following Ethan Haim's story. But unfortunately, he is being prosecuted because of Biden's politicized DOJ. They're looking to make an example of him so that no one with a different viewpoint steps out of line."

If convicted, Haim faces up to 10 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000. The investigation was conducted by the FBI, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Tina Ansari is overseeing the prosecution of the case.