Teen charged in Heights High School shooting accused in other violent crimes at school

The 17-year-old charged in connection with a shooting at Houston's Heights High School last week is also facing charges for other violent crimes against students.

Alex Julien Owiesy has been identified as the accused shooter. The teen is facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge for the shooting on Thursday, May 12, that left a Houston ISD student with a gunshot wound.

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According to court documents, a group of students was in a vehicle driving back to the high school from lunch, when a black Volkswagen Passat, which Owiesy is known to drive, stopped in front of them in the parking lot. A suspect got out of the car and tapped the victim's window with a gun, telling them to get out.

The student quickly put the car in drive to speed off, but not before the gunman shot multiple times. Records state that a bullet went through the student's hand and stopped in his right wrist.

HISD Police reported eight 9mm shell casings were found in the student parking lot.

A witness also reported that Owiesy and the victim had gotten into an argument on Wednesday, regarding a milk shake that was thrown at the victim's car.

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According to court documents, officers were looking for Owiesy on Friday, May 13, when they conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle. During the stop, officers allegedly found an "AK pistol" with a round in the chamber and a 30-round magazine, as well as an additional 30-round magazine. Owiesy is facing an unlawful carry charge. 

But according to other court documents, Owiesy is also facing two charges for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon for an incident involving Heights High School students back on March 7.

The two students reported they were walking back to campus from a convenience store when they noticed a black Volkswagen sedan with four occupants pass them multiple times on Arlington St. The students reported them as fellow classmates at Heights High School and identified the driver as Owiesy. 

Houston ISD has not confirmed Owiesy is an enrolled student at the district.

Three passengers got out of the car and allegedly confronted the two students. They then beat up one of the students, slamming him to the ground and then kicking him. The victim hit his head on a tree branch and fractured his arm in the incident.

The driver, who had a gun, then told the other suspects, "Let's go," prompting them to get back in the car after taking the victims' backpacks, court records show.

One of the students called his stepfather, who arrived to pick them up and search for the Volkswagen. They found it and pursued it while on the phone with a police dispatcher, according to court documents. One of the students recorded the incident and shared it with police. According to court documents, the stepfather told the students "to get down, and the camera then pans down to the floorboard, before several gunshots are heard on the video recording."

The chase ended after two people in the Volkswagen shot at the victims' car.

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Owiesy's bond was set at $10,000 for the unlawful carry charge and $200,000 for the other three charges. His next court appearance is set for July 21.