Teachers, parents say HISD school's decision to lock front gate during drop off is dangerous, unsafe

Teachers and parents are upset with Houston ISD after one school's decision to change where kids can be dropped off in the mornings. Many are calling the new area dangerous and unsafe. 

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The community at Forestbrook Middle School says they feel like they’ve exhausted their options with complaints to district officials for the last three months. 

Since the start of school in August, Michelle Williams has been complaining to HISD about Forest Brook Middle School’s front gate being closed off until after 8:25 a.m., when students and teachers are already in class. 

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Instead, in the mornings, all students and staff are required to enter through the school’s back gate by the bridge, an area Williams say is unsafe. In the afternoons, the access gates switch.  

"Complaints just have fallen on deaf ears. There is no reason why that gate should be closed. We've had parents complain, but we're in an underserved community," Williams said. 

With no sidewalk space for kids to walk on and fast-traveling cars approaching from the bridge, Williams believes it could be a recipe for disaster. 

"You have buses and there's not anybody out there to monitor the situation," Williams said. 

"Our custodians truck got stolen. He's been here three years. I know that eventually, if we continue down this path, someone is going to get hurt," Williams continued.  


After almost getting into an accident herself, Williams filed a level one complaint on behalf of other teachers, parents and students at the school. 

"They're always concerned about what's going on underneath the bridge?" Williams said. "There's illegal dumping back there and trash constantly underneath their bridge. We've seen prostitutes back there."

A spokesperson with Houston ISD responded with the following statement: 

"The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Adjustments to campus accessibility were made after receiving feedback from our community regarding surrounding traffic hazards and controlled access to the campus. The adjustments were made to establish the utmost safety for our students and staff during arrival and dismissal periods."