Suspect identified in deadly shooting inside McDonald's; also linked to officer-involved shooting

Houston police say through ballistic tests they were able to confirm the gun used in Wednesday’s officer-involved shooting and the shooting death of 47-year-old Clifton Zeno, that took place inside a McDonald's location on Feb. 23, is the same.

The gun was taken from the scene of the officer-involved shooting and was in the possession of suspect, 18-year-old Alberto Riascos.

HPD said detectives received information indicating that Riascos was the suspect in that fatal shooting at McDonald's in Chinatown.

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"We are trying to put rational thought into acts that are seemingly just 100%  irrational in every way," said HPD Executive Chief Matt Slinkard.

It was on Wednesday that police tried to make contact with the suspect near his apartment off Lazy Hollow Drive near Westheimer Road. They say Riascos pulled out the gun and fired a shot; police fired back fatally killing him.

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The Houston Forensic Science Center was able to connect the bullets from both scenes.

"In addition, detectives have located a photo of the suspect in similar clothing to the surveillance video shooting of Mr. Zeno," said Slinkard.

Slinkard says Riascos was also wanted on an aggravated assault with deadly weapon warrant.