Suspect dead in officer-involved shooting in north Harris County

One man is dead after a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy fired a single bullet in North Houston at the intersection of Imperial Valley and Greens Road just before 1:00 PM on Thursday (3/22).

“That’s my flesh and my blood. We’ve been through everything together. He had my back through everything," said Kita Thomas who said she's the sister of the man killed.

Danny Thomas is the man's name, according to family, and was depressed and still mourning the death of his son and daughter who were drowned by their mother, Sheborah Thomas, less than two years ago.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says a verbal dispute between 2 guys turned physical and that’s when the deputy tried to step in, but Sheriff Gonzalez said that did not help and the man began walking toward the office.

“The deputy attempted to retreat and he was trying to go around his vehicle and the male kept advancing. He did have something in his hand, is what I’m told, what it was I do not know. It’s still preliminary at this point,” said Sheriff Gonzalez.

And that’s when the deputy fired a single shot, injuring the man who later died at the hospital.

“My brother never carried a weapon on him. He always had his backpack and there was nothing in his backpack other than his personal belongings, some cigarettes and maybe some money," said Kita Thomas.

Alex Pena says he saw the man walking down Greens Road minutes before the shooting.

“As I approached him, if he needed help...couldn’t even talk to me all he did was clinch his hands and growl at me so I just backed away, I was scared," said Pena.

Sheriff Gonzalez says the man may have been known in the Greenspoint area, but they’re still determining if calls earlier in the day were connected to him.

“Our goal is a transparent investigation," said Sheriff Gonzalez.

“And he promised me he wouldn’t leave me and he didn’t. Somebody took him from me," said Kita Thomas.

Houston Police are leading the investigation. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office as well as the DA’s office will be conducting parallel investigations to determine what exactly happened.

Original Story:

Authorities are investigating the death of a suspect in an officer-involved shooting in north Harris County.

The incident happened on Imperial Valley at Greens Road.

Sheriff's deputies say a suspect had been injured in the shooting and died at the hospital.

The deputy is unharmed.