'Lemonade, good food and good fun:' Sugar Land fireworks show brings in hundreds

"Lemonade, good food and good fun," says Tony Anderson, who spent the day with family at the Red, White, and Boom July 4 event in Sugar Land. 

Attendees filled in to watch the display at the Crown Festival Park Monday evening in Sugar Land

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"The fourth, I think, means, the freedom to celebrate whatever you’re celebrating and what freedom means to you," says Abria Anderson. "To be in a place to have that ability and be fortunate enough to do so."

A family tradition that can go on once more, and a family-friendly event that’s expected to bring in hundreds to enjoy time together, especially after being canceled due to the pandemic. 

"So we’re excited for it to be back," said Abria Anderson. "I think for our family, I can say that we always grew up with this event, and this is our thing every year."

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There were some first-timers who wanted to get away from the big city and meet new people.

"I just wanted to come to the outskirts of the city, little less crowded," says Brittany Paige. 

And some came to create new memories with new members of the family.

"We’re pretty big on holidays, so whenever a holiday comes around we try to make sure we celebrate," said Paige. "And now since I have a baby, I want to start creating memories."


Law enforcement let their presence be known with stationed patrol cars surrounding the park.

"Me, personally, I’ve always felt safe in the Sugar Land area," said Carol Anderson.

"Just the presence of the police definitely makes me feel like this is a safe event," says Tony.