Study: Black males earn less

A new study led by researchers at Stanford and Harvard finds black men earn less as adults than white men in 99 percent of neighborhoods in the U.S. Even black men raised in wealthy families and living in fancy neighborhoods still earn less as adults than white guys in the same situation.

Researchers say these findings undermine the widely held belief that class, not race, predicts kids' economic outcomes.

But this income gap isn't the case for girls. Study finds black and white girls from families with similar income will attain similar incomes as adults.

The new data also shows black men raised in the top 1 percent are as likely to be incarcerated as white men raised in households earning about $36,000 a year.

Justin Moore is from a privileged family here in Houston, the son of a doctor, and he has since become an attorney. He's on the Factor to talk about this along with Dr. Kevin Thompson with the African American studies department at UH and Dr. Erlanger Turner at UH Downtown.