Students honored with posthumous diplomas at Santa Fe graduation

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Proud friends and family of the Santa Fe High School 2019 graduating class crowded into the football stadium.  

Chris Stone, a much loved Santa Fe Football player known for his sense of humor and friendly demeanor, should have been there as well. Instead, his parents Christopher and Rosie Stone accepted his diploma posthumously. 

Chris is remembered by fellow students as a hero who helped block one of the art room closets, allowing others to escape as a gunman tried to enter on May 18th 2018. He once told his mother that if such an incident ever occurred at his school, he would defend his classmates. That is how she wants him to be remembered. 

Dakota Hansen was a sophomore attending Santa Fe High School in March 2017 when he was tragically taken in a car accident. He would have graduated with the class of 2019 and was also awarded a posthumous diploma. 

Hansen was a hunter, a fisherman, and loved horses. Trucks and mudding were a favorite pasttime for him.

He adored his beloved pet dog and had many loving friends and family. He was a loving brother to his little sister Kaitlynn, and always had a good time with his mother and grandparents. 

Chance Patterson was 12 years old in 2014, and attended Santa Fe Junior High School at the time of his death. He was involved in a car accident. He also would have graduated with the class of 2019, and was awarded a posthumous diploma. 

He loved playing basketball, his guitar, going to church, and playing video games. He had hopes to be an aeronautical engineer when he grew up.