Spring crime: Woman charged with prostitution at massage parlor in undercover operation

An undercover operation conducted by Constable Mark Herman's Office has shed light on illicit activities at 5 Star Foot Massage in Spring. The operation was prompted by complaints alleging prostitution at the massage parlor in the 3300 block of Louetta Road.

Hong Wang was arrested for prostitution. (Photo: Constable Mark Herman's Office)

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Posing as a customer, a Constable Investigator was allegedly solicited for sex or sex acts by a female employee within the spa. Subsequently, criminal charges were filed against the employee, identified as Hong Wang, for involvement in prostitution. 

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Wang's bond was set at $100.00 by County Court 16. Further investigation revealed that Wang was not licensed to work as a Massage Therapist.

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Hong Wang was arrested for prostitution. (Photo: Constable Mark Herman's Office)


Constable Mark Herman emphasized the importance of community vigilance in combating these issues. He urged individuals to report any knowledge or suspicion of illegal activities at massage parlors or involving individuals associated with them. Reports can be made anonymously through dispatch at 281-376-3472 or online at www.constablepct4.com/regulatory-enforcement-unit.