'Southern Momma' welcomes sons back home

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Deborah Smith turned the social media world upside down last month by posting viral videos to reach out to her two teenage sons who had run away from home.

In videos she posted on YouTube, she blew up their smartphones, their beds and in her latest video, she shot their television set, all with the pump shotgun that has become her weapon of choice in the war to get her sons home and encourage the state to help her with the resources she said she needed to help them clean up from drugs.

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On Wednesday a juvenile court judge ordered the boys to return to Deborah Smith’s home to live and to submit to her discipline. They must wear ankle monitors and stay on house arrest for the next 30 days.

Deborah told FOX 5 she is hopeful for the first time in months. Her 16-year-old son Robbie said he missed his family and is glad to be home.  The two boys had been in a group home pending the outcome of the case.

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