Some Houston business owners want reopening fast tracked

Some area business owners say it's time to get back to work and they want their voices heard.

"Anybody out there who has a job is currently at risk," said Jon Silberman founder of Houston Coronavirus Business Group. "If they haven't been laid off yet every day this continues the risk of then being laid off goes up significantly."

Silberman believes it's time for Houston to get back to work.

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"Based on stories I've been hearing of small businesses really suffering unable to pay bills being shut down," Silberman said.

For years Freddy O'Pry has sold and owned Massage Envy franchises.

"About 100 staff members who are laid off furloughed got their last paycheck last Friday they've got mortgages and car payments and children that's what we worry about," said O'Pry.

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In Lansing, Michigan people stormed the capital demanding that life return to normal.

Austin was also the scene of protesters wanting to see open signs on businesses.

"The health care aspect of this was well documented and had a big voice," Silberman said. "But we weren't hearing much from the business people that are really suffering economically.
That's why Silberman says he formed Houston Coronavirus Business Group.

He says what started out as a few emails eight days ago now represents 470 companies and 40,000 employees.

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"I've had only one email throughout this just one from somebody who thought that we were off base," Silberman said.

Silberman got a petition going that he sent off to the mayor and county judge.

But judging by their recent statements Turner and Hidalgo are not going to rush into lifting the stay at home order anytime soon.