Small community of Thompsons slammed by flood

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When the Brazos River busted it's banks in Ft. Bend County, Texas the small community of Thompsons quickly became a sopping mess with homes inundated in a matter of hours.

Cody Welch knows nearly everyone that calls this place home and has helped many reach safety. 

"Devastated, real devastated. We've never seen it like this bad. 20 years back here  and I've never seen it this bad," said Welch.

All but a trio of folks have evacuated as flood waters continue to flow in and sporadic showers fall from the clouds.

No one is getting back in until the onslaught subsides.

"There's a couple of people back there that really don't want to leave. Old timers. They are hard headed," said Welch.

And It's not just people and property - the high waters are wreaking havoc on wildlife, driven with their young to scramble for dry land as the bloated Brazos turns woodland and farmland into swamp.

Thomas Herreth has raised livestock near Thompsons for going on three decades and says anyone with any time in the lone star state knows to prepare for this kind of pain.

It's extremes and Texas weather is crazy. It will go from the dry to the wet to the dry to the wet and you just have to be ready for it," said Herreth.