Sisters Looking For Family To Adopt Them Together

Two sisters are looknig for a family to foster and adopt them together. Khatura, 15, and Emma, 13, have a strong bond but only get to see each other once a month.  They live separately in the foster care system.

"I really want to find that special family that loves me and my sister," said Emma. 

"God one day is going to bring us back together," said Khatura.

We brought the sisters to Sunshine's Vegetarian Deli to make their own wraps and enjoy owner Arga's food.  Both girls love the rare chance to eat out.

"They have been in foster care for about 11 years so most of their lives, " said Atasha Kelley-Harris with Depelchin Children's Center.

The girls hope a forever family can give them the chance to enjoy the simple childhood joys they've missed. 

"Do things like I haven't done before, have a birthday party, go on a plane or a cruise or something like that," said Emma.

"It's absolutely possible they can overcome isues with therapy and a good loving family who's not expecting them to come in and be perfect," said Kelley-Harris.

If you're interested in adopting Emma and Khatura or any other child email