Shocking video: Man shoving pole at dog

Tammy Lynch and dozens of other dog owners trusted their trainer until they saw a video posted to social media. 

Nassau County SPCA believes the man allegedly seen jabbing an object at a pit bull locked inside a cage is Brian DeMartino, owner of NYDogWorks, a board and train facility in Oceanside, Long Island. Tammy picked up her dog Shadow Sunday, nearly a week after he was supposed to be done with a two-week boot camp.

Thomas Marrone posted the video, which now has close to 100,000 views on social media. He says his German shepherd, Zeus, was also beaten. The puppy was allegedly missing teeth after staying at DeMartino's.

DeMartino pleaded not guilty in court Monday on an unrelated domestic violence charge. We knocked on his door. No one answered and then he apparently called the cops.

Tammy's son Stefan says Shadow is worse than ever. He has bruises on his head. She says that DeMartino told her that her dog was aggressive and needed to keep him longer. She thinks he was saying that because the dog needed to heal before being picked up.

Comments on social media from other former clients allege DeMartino told a similar story to everyone.

Animal lovers hope justice will be served. So far, no arrests have been made but Nassau County SPCA is still investigating.