Sheriff calls actions of men charged in Spring couple's death 'bizarre'

After murdering 61-year-old Bao Lam and his 61-year-old wife Jenny Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says their killers returned to the couple’s home six times after executing them.

Khari Kendrick, 23, his half- brother Aakiel Kendrick, 21, and Erick Peralta, 20, are now charged with capital murder.

The couple was found dead last Saturday during a welfare check at their home in Spring’s Northgate Forest Gated Community.

“You would never suspect that it would happen in this neighborhood,” the Sheriff said. “Gated community very quiet tight knit.”

It was surveillance video that led deputies to the trio and also answered the question of how they gained access to the gated community.

“We know that we saw them come up to the gate and the individuals were under the gate,” said Harris County Lieutenant Christopher Sandoval. “I’d like to remind everyone here in the room that any one of us could find ourselves in a similar situation like this and hopefully we never have to.”

Investigators believe the couple came home at the wrong time.

“When they arrived home, they were ambushed in the garage,” Sandoval said.

The couple’s hands and feet were bound. Both were shot to death.

The pain their son, daughter and other loved ones are feeling is visible on their faces.

“I think I speak for all of us when I say we are relieved to have these three men off the streets and no longer able to harm anyone else,” the couple’s son Richard Lam said.

“The ambush nature of the attack and the ruthlessness,” Gonzalez said.

Those things have convinced the sheriff these three men are probably behind other violent crimes.