Sheila Jackson Lee for Houston satellite office 'attacked' on Monday, campaign says

The Sheila Jackson Lee for Houston satellite office was ‘attacked’ by a known conspiracy theorist and Republican operative, a statement from Jackson Lee's office said. 

According to the release, they said Aubrey Taylor showed up at the office on Almeda Road and brutally attacked campaign Chairman Gerald Womack. 

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The campaign issued the following statement to FOX 26 on Monday saying, "We are deeply concerned by these attacks and this is yet another example of how dangerous conspiracy rhetoric inflamed by Republican extremists has real consequences where people get hurt. We have taken additional security measures, and we will continue to move forward with our task at hand-to elect the best choice for Mayor of Houston, Sheila Jackson Lee."

According to Houston police, they responded to an ‘assault no injury’ call around 9:45 a.m. 

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When officers arrived, they spoke with Womack, who had a bump on the head but refused any medical attention. 

Police stated that Womack told them he was inside the building when he heard someone walk through the front door. As Womack made his way to the front door, he saw a man he knew asked the man to leave the building. 

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That's when, police said, the man punched Womack in the face, causing him to go backward and bump his head. As they both got back to their feet, the suspect left the building on foot. 

Womack told police he had been harassed on and off for the last five to six months by the suspect. 

The investigation is still underway.