Magnolia Park residents demand Greyhound Station relocation after crime concerns rise

Folks who live in Midtown were jumping for joy late last year when the Greyhound Bus Station shuttered taking away criminal activity transients and parolees.

Now, Magnolia Park residents say they are noticing an increase in crime.

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"The amount of traffic that they're bringing in, people who are just transient coming to this area," said Magnolia Park resident Joseph Dominguez.

"Not only are they hanging around this street, but they are coming into our residential area," said Magnolia Park resident Marybel Picazo.

"It's a very old neighborhood," Joseph said. "We have people who have been here all their lives."

"I've seen ladies in their undergarments walking around," Marybel said. "There was a homicide two blocks from here."

They are now dealing with what Midtown residents had to endure up until late 2023.

"If you want to know where this is going just look at what happened in Midtown," Joseph said.

"The Texas Department of Corrections folks that are released from prison are being transported to this location to get to their next stop," said District I Houston City Councilmember Joaquin Martinez. 

"When they get released from prison, they come straight here," said Joseph. "They come here and try to figure out where to go. After that, most of the time, they're just in the streets."

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Marybel says she's worried about what children in the neighborhood are seeing.

"We have three schools within two miles from here," she said.

"The former administration didn't want to give anyone a heads up," said Martinez.

"I read it on FaceBook," Marybel said.

An online petition has been started to gain signatures to relocate the bus station, click here to view or sign the petition.