Senior living community in Houston adopts senior dog

"We have a bunch of seniors, so it seems fitting to get a senior dog to go with the environment," said Steffany Klutez, Executive Director of Brookdale The Heights.

Ike Is an 11-year-old Labrador. He had a home until his owner passed away. Then he ended up in the care of Friends for Life Rescue.


"We needed a dog that would be functional in our memory care, so we needed him tall enough to not be a trip hazard," Klutez said. "We needed a short haired dog, so nobody could grab his hair and pull on it."

In no time at all, Ike became a perfect fit at this senior living facility.

"I love dogs, so it's perfect for me. Very good," said resident Candida Lacombe.

"He roams around everywhere, we have found that out," said resident Bud Froelich. "Like early in the morning when he's licking my hand."


"It's wonderful to have somebody like this," said resident Joyce Rogers.

"They know when you're happy, and they know when you're sad, they have that sense," Lacombe said.

"Most of us who come here left a pet at home, and we couldn't bring it, so this is a real joy for us," said resident Nelda Shoup.

Some residents, like Catherine O'Malley, have their dogs with them at Brookdale The Heights.

"There's nothing like having an animal to pet and to just be with. It's a presence, it's like having a person," she said.

With Ike around, everyone in the senior living community has a dog to pet and love.

"He brightens our day, sure does," Shoup said.

"I'm so glad they didn't adopt a skunk," Froelich said.