Senator Ted Cruz visits Combined Arms in Houston

With a quick walk around Combined Arms, an organization in Houston aimed at helping veterans transition after serving in the U.S. military, Senator Ted Cruz was able to talk to and meet the people who help impact veterans' lives.

After the tour, Sen. Cruz participated in a roundtable discussion to listen to the veterans' concerns and also learn about the projects that they are currently working on. Senator Cruz also discussed his goals in Washington, D.C.

"My objective with the Senate in regards to the V.A. Is to incrementally and steadily, continually expand choice until we have reached the choice where every veteran is empowered," says Senator Cruz. He also says that he is working with other Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, work on the health care reform and that a big goal of his is to give veterans more options when it comes to health care providers.

"I believe every veteran should be able to choose their doctor," says Sen. Cruz. "If you want to go to the V.A. because you think the V.A. has all the best services for you that you want, that is your right, you have bled for it, you have earned it, but on the other hand if you want to go to the local doctor down the street, you want to go to a cardiologist at a private hospital, you ought to be able to have that choice as well."

Approximately 300,000 veterans live in the Houston area, which is a big reason why Sen. Cruz wanted to speak at various locations in Houston about the issue throughout the weekend.

"We've got 1.7 million veterans in the state of Texas, a lot of men and women who have served our nation and I take very seriously fighting for our veterans and so it's a rest opportunity to hear directly from leaders in our community, to hear directly about the concerns and challenges their facing," says Sen. Cruz.