School segregation still exists, report says

It's the shocking results of a study that many didn't expect to see in the year 2018 and in Houston. A recent review of the Houston Independent School District reveals schools in our community are just as segregated today as if it were the 1950's again. That study was done by Vox and adapted for HISD by the Houston Chronicle. The results show how black, white, and Hispanic students are lumped together in individual schools based on race.  Was it an accident or just a 1950's coincidence. The question also has to be examined –  are minority students getting shortchanged? 

Let's explore 2018 segregation in Houston on the Factor with our guests long-time HISD educator, science teacher, and member of the Houston Federation of Teachers Larry McKinzie,  and a woman who has been saying this since she got on the Board of Trustees Jolanda Jones.