Scam may be targeting parents of high schoolers

Deputies in Pinellas County say scammers may be targeting parents of high schoolers.

A caller with a friendly and soft-spoken voice recently contacted a resident saying that her son had completed forms at the school requesting SAT/ACT study materials. 

The caller said they would send workbooks, CDs and other study materials for $216.32, but if the materials were returned within 30 days, there would be no charge.

Deputies say the caller asked for a credit card number and when the parent began challenging some of the facts, the caller quickly hung up. 

The caller had given the parent a 1-888 number to call between 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday but when the parent called it, the recording said, "the number is unassigned."

The school district says if parents ever have any questions, just call the school directly. "Always check in with your school because even if it is a district wide call, principals will be in the loop about what we are sending as a district, so if you ever have a question about what's legitimate check in with your student's school," said Lisa Wolf with the Pinellas County School District. 

Deputies also warn people to never give out their credit card information over the phone without doing research first.