Running partners celebrate 20 years together

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It all started out with a marriage proposal at the halfway point of a half marathon in Indianapolis back in 1995.  Who knew it would lead to a marathon streak like this. Of course, they did.

Denise and Ed got married in the middle of the most prestigious marathon in the world, the 100th Boston Marathon.  They stopped at the half way point at a lovely old brownstown church, Wellesley Hills Congregational Church.  Friends and family met them at the church right on the course. After the ceremony, they were off as a string quartet played in the background. Soon, they were facing their first obstacle as man and wife... Heartbreak Hill at mile 14 on the Boston course.  They climbed it together then finished the first marathon as husband and wife. The first of many marathons to go.

"It was only appropriate that we continue to run together, step by step, and we do. Every year we celebrate our wedding anniversary by running a marathon together," says Denise.

For their first anniversary, the couple ran the London Marathon, followed by other marathons around the world, including Paris, Madrid and  Sydney, Australia. Denise and Ed also covered the 26.2 miles in the states from California to Virginia.

This year marks their 20th anniversary.  To celebrate, Denise and Ed ran the Destin Marathon.  "It's such a gorgeous place with one of the best beaches in the world.  We love it there, we even named our oldest daughter Destin," says Ed.

At this point they say there's no question about whether they'll do an anniversary marathon - it's just a matter of where it will be.  As any marathoner knows the long 3-plus hour runs aren't easy, but like a marriage, they are there for each other, lending support and encouragement.

Denise says there are a lot of parallels between a marriage and a marathon. "When you think about it, they’re alike in many ways. They both take strength, time, and commitment. They are both filled with peaks and valleys, struggles and joy."

Running partners, lifelong partners.  The journey continues.

Congratulations to Denise and Ed!