Rockets fans gear up for Game 6

Before Game 6, fans packed outside the Toyota Center. From head to toe, fans decked out in Houston attire, ready for Game 6 of the playoffs.

"I mean they have been pretty good but it went down to the wire especially in Game 5, we couldn't get it though but we are going to get it done tonight", says Jose Chavez.

While outside the arena, some listened to music, watched performers, and others made posters.

"We are ready to take the win, ready to be done with them already, ready to come back and we are ready for the next series", says Letti Reyes.

"It's Game 6, we are going to bring it down, it ain't over yet", says David Yuong. Yuong attended the pregame events with his wife and four kids. All of the little ones made posters, showing their support.

"Basically they are bringing the whole Clutch City back, they are getting their James Harden on, bringing the whole trophy home so we are just excited about our team", says Yuong.

Fans ready for a win and hopeful for a chance at Game 7 in San Antonio.

"We are popping as a city so it's about time we win a championship already", says Khizar Savri.