Robberies anger residents in southeast Houston neighborhood

Houston police say they are searching for the suspect responsible for a string of robberies in southeast Houston -- and many residents say they are fed up.

"We work hard for what little we have, we work hard for it and then for them to just come and take it, it's not right," said Dorothy Perez, a shopper at The Home Depot along the Gulf Freeway.

The suspect allegedly robbed ten stores in a 40-day period including both Family Dollar stores along Telephone Road and both the Lowe's and The Home Depot locations on the Gulf Freeway. And he didn't stop there.

Police say the suspect also robbed the CVS Pharmacy on Broadway, the Walgreens on Cullen Boulevard and another Family Dollar store on Griggs Road. He apparently poses as a customer and pretends to buy an item. When asked to pay for the item, he brandishes his gun and demands that the cashier hand over the cash in the drawer.

"He better change, if not, he's going to be in prison or six feet under, it's that simple," said James Bay, another shopper in the parking lot of The Home Depot.

April Lane said she is fed up and has a message for the robber, "Find a job, find honest work, do something honest with integrity."