Ring encircled in thin, blue line found on Longboat Key

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A Plant City family vacationing on Longboat Key found a wedding ring with an inscription only the owner could know. 

They hope to return the ring - encircled by a thin, blue line - to its rightful owner.

Sherri Stwan found the silver wedding band last week in the sand by Bayfront Park.

Stwan, a former police lieutenant, said the blue line immediately caught her attention. She knew it could be a coincidence, but also possibly a hint.

"It means a lot. I want this law enforcement officer to have it back," said Stwan.

The other clue she noticed was the specific inscription inside the band. 

"I am yours forever. No giving up. No letting go."

And then, a word we are going to keep secret, so if the rightful owner wants to claim it, they have to know exactly what it says.

"If we lost our wedding ring, we would want somebody to come forward and not just take it," said Stwan. "Come forward and say I found a ring if anybody wants it."

The Stawn family knows there's a chance this ring may have been long forgotten, already replaced, or thrown into the ocean during a heated moment.

"It just makes me sad," said Sherri's daughter-in-law, Rachel Stwan. "I would feel so upset if I lost my ring. I feel like, even when I take it into the shop to get it cleaned, I feel naked without it on my finger."

Sherri Stwan posted a photo of the ring on Facebook. Anyone who believes it's theirs can contact her there: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10109549941307911&id=5033997