Residents sick of having cars crash into homes

The area on Parker Road near Clark in north Houston could easily be described as "the curve of chaos". Anyone in the community can tell you how dangerous it has been with cars crashing on the 4-lane street.

"The whole area was full of gas. The guy basically died in the front yard of the house, rolled out of the truck," Mark Olsen says.

Many say the problems began when the city of Houston widened Parker Road from two to four lanes several years back.  As a result, there's been more speeding and more property damage to those who own in the area.

Time and time again, cars speeding have lost control in the curve and slammed into multiple houses--five homes and counting. Some structures have been hit multiple times. Those who live in the Hawthorne community say it's putting their lives in danger and the children who cross the street for a nearby school. These residents say they can't get any resolution from the city of Houston and all they want is a 4-way stop sign.