Residents beat the heat as temperatures reach triple digits

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Grueling heat across the Houston area caused temperatures to soar to almost 100 degrees on Monday. That kind of heat can be dangerous, which prompted the National Weather Service to issue a heat advisory on Monday which may extend into Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Houston Health Department released a statement on Monday indicating that numerous cooling centers are open throughout the city area,but officials warn precautions should be taken to avoid heat exhaustion.

"We encourage people to drink a lot of water before people have outdoor heat exposure," said Houston Health Department chief communications director Kathy Barton. "Try to do your outdoor work or recreation during the cooler hours, the morning and the evening." 

Residents are also advised to take care of their pets in this heat.

“Never leave your dog or pet in a parked vehicle," said Monica Schmidt from the Houston Humane Society. "Temperatures skyrocket so fast, even with the windows rolled down, it’s like putting them in an oven. In addition to that we recommend you walk your dog at dawn and dusk when temperatures are a bit cooler.” 

Samantha McKinzie, a Houston-area mother, also has recommendations for keeping children cool during the final days of summer.

“We try to make sure we have on a lot of sunblock and that there's a shady place to sit," said McKinzie. "Especially as parents, you don’t want to be sitting out in the sun as your kids are playing because you don’t want to get heat sick. We try to find a lot of places for them to eat and go and get water quickly, especially areas where they can splash around in."