Repeat DWI offender accused of causing deadly accident

The family of a man who was killed by a drunk driver on Super Bowl Sunday is breaking their silence.  

The family of 20-year-old Eduardo Tovias will never be the same after his life was taken on Sunday night by Jeffery Davis, a man who carelessly got behind the wheel while intoxicated. Davis was heading north on Bammel North Houston Road and made a left turn, slamming into Eduardo Tovias’ truck while he had the right of way traveling south. Tovias died at the scene from his injuries, while Davis survived and was transported to the hospital.

“We’ve seen it on the news before, but we never thought that we would be going through this," said Crystal Gonzalez, the aunt of Eduardo Tovias. “It made us upset because, like we said it’s always the drunk driver that stays alive. I mean, we didn’t want bad for either person."

Besides being devastated by their loss, the family became angry when they learned that this would be Davis’ fourth DWI charge. Tovias, known as Lalo, was the eldest of three children. He loved fixing his truck, and welding, and was planning to travel to different cities.

“He always love to be around us. I see him as a son because he would always go visit us, then it made me sadder knowing that that Sunday afternoon after he did what he was going to do, he was going to go visit us. He didn’t get a chance to go no more," said Gonzalez.

She also says they will never be able to move forward from this and will be very active in their quest for justice.

“I’m not saying to kill the guy because of God, but I mean justice, I mean at least stay in jail for the rest of your life because of what you did. You are going to be out here free, and us without our loved one? To me, that’s not fair."

 A vigil in Tovias’ honor will take place on Friday evening. Jeffery Davis is being charged with murder, and he is expected to make his first court appearance on Monday.