Remembering George H.W. Bush - Foreign policy- What's Your Point?

Few if any American Presidents arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with the Depth of foreign policy experience carefully accumulated by George H.W. Bush. Early on he made the ouster of dictators, who threatened freedom and democracy around the world, a priority, removing Manuel Noriega from Panama and later Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

As the Berlin Wall crumbled, Bush deftly orchestrated a peaceful post-cold war transition, avoiding violence and global chaos. In a critical prelude to the Gulf War, he assembled one of the most successful international military coalitions of the 20th century; 30 nations, backed by a U.N. mandate including the Soviet Union and several Arab countries, which expelled Saddam Hussein from Kuwait within 100 hours.

The panel discusses the foreign policy leadership of George H.W. Bush

On the panel today Jessica Colon - Republican strategist, Mark Jones - political analyst, Rice University, Jay Ayer - Professor of Political Science at Texas Southern University, Jackie Baly- conservative commentator, Bill King - Houston businessman, Rick Sindelar- professor of Foreign Policy at the University of St. Thomas.