Red Bull Dancer encourages you to get your groove on to lower anxiety

Many people are coping with new levels of anxiety and maybe loneliness during the pandemic. It might be good to know that learning a few new dance moves can lighten your mood and stress level.

We caught up with Red Bull dancer Neguin for some fun and easy ideas to get your groove on.

"Play the music. Listen to the music and you can follow your groove. Everything will be perfect with your day and night. Dance is just the instrumental response," smiles Neguin. 

Red Bull dancers, like Neguin, specialize in wellness and mindfulness through dance, using their art as a means to cope with anxiety and spread positivity. Ranging from break dancing to popping, freestyle and hip-hop dance, the award-winning performers come up their own style. Many of them have turned their homes into their own studios.

Dance has helped relieve anxiety throughout Neguin's lifetime.

"This is what took me to where I am today. I'm only 32 years old and I have been traveling all over the world in over 100 countries, so it's just like the power of dance to be able to teach, learn, and share the knowledge with everybody else around the world.”

He showed us how you can add movement, even if you're sitting on your couch. Just crank the music, move your shoulders, move your arms to the beat. It feels good and will more than likely, make you smile. He says, just feel free. There are no labels.

"It makes you feel good! I think many people are trapped in their houses right now, but you need to keep moving.  Such a great vibration of joy that comes out of dancing and just being connected to music, something that is so special. I love it," exclaims Neguin.

Even if you think you can't dance or don't know how to dance, many people are turning to new outlets to help manage their stress right now. Dance seems to have become a global unifier throughout isolation during the pandemic, with more people joining the TikTok craze and turning to virtual dance workshops and parties.    

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