Recent events have Houston's Unity Bank booming with new clients

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The new accounts department has been very busy at Houston's Unity National Bank with hundreds of new customers signing up over the last few days.

The influx of new customers came in part after last week's police shootings involving Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. 

On social media there was a movement to send a strong message to America. If we can't get justice we will put the economic pressure on by withdrawing our Black dollars from other financial institutions.

One of those businesses is Unity Bank on Blodgett in Houston. Chartered back in 1985.

John Scroggins is the President and CEO of Unity. He says there have been 300 new customers to open accounts at their two locations in Houston in 72 hours...the only Black-owned bank in Texas. 

Scroggins says anger is not the only thing sending new clients his way. He attributes it to an awakening as well.

Customers say Unity is  just as competitive as your Bank of Americas and the Wells Fargo while also having the same services.

Scroggins also says just because it's a Black-owned bank doesn't mean their doors are not open to all races.

But for now he's seeing more people like Quincy King. Someone who's hoping to send a message to the country he feels neglected by.

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