Rangers employee disrespected by fan gets support from team, online

A Rangers employee who had a beer dumped on him is getting love and support after his story went viral online.

Bill McMillen was working as a Globe Life Park in Arlington gate guard when he asked a man to move to a paved smoking section during Saturday’s Indians-Rangers game. The man apparently responded by pouring his beer out – soaking McMillen’s legs, shoes and socks.

Rangers fan Erin Smith walked by the area shortly after and noticed his soaked shoes.

"Bill told me it usually happens when they're walking out the gate and he tells them they can't take their beer out,” Smith said.

Smith was disgusted, so she posed for a picture with Bill and posted about him on Facebook. It quickly got tens of thousands of shares.

"I thought my friends would just share it and say, wow what a cool guy, but I think you're America's grandpa now,” Smith said.

McMillen said he didn’t want to speak publicly about the incident, or the outpouring of support that’s happened. But the team wanted to honor him, anyways.

Players Mitch Moreland and Ian Desmond, coaches Steve Buechele and Spike Owen and manager Jeff Banister all thanked McMillen for his sometimes thankless job.

McMillen also got to go out onto the field for the first time in the six years he’s worked at the ballpark. He and Smith were on the mound together as he threw the first pitch before Monday’s Mariners-Rangers game.

People at the ballpark gave him a gift card to get some new shoes, and he asked if he could give that to Mission Arlington to help the homeless.

Smith says she wants people to learn to respect each other, especially their elders.

"He's America's grandpa. Honestly, he's America's grandpa."

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