Racist, homophobic rant caught on camera at San Ramon In-N-Out

Two customers at an In-N-Out in San Ramon were the targets of a racist and homophobic rant, video of the incident that was posted to social media shows.

Two friends were recording themselves on TikTok trying different food items inside the popular fast food spot when a man approaches them and is heard questioning "You’re filming yourself eating? You’re weird homosexuals."

The man who is not seen in the video, but can be heard clearly, continued to harass the two as they attempted to dine.

"Are you Japanese or Korean," the man said. "Are you Japanese or Korean? Are you Kim Jong Un’s boyfriend? You have gay sex with him?"

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One of the friends told KTVU she was in disbelief at what she experienced.

"Honestly, if I didn't record it, I wouldn't have believed that it happened because, even some of the words he said, in the heat of the moment, I didn't realize he called himself a slave master. I completely blanked out he threatened to spit on us as well," said Arine Kim.

The video caught the attention of San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson who took to Twitter to try and identify the perpetrator.

Carlson tweeted out a picture of a person suspected of launching the hate-filled rant. Carlson said the man was in a Silver Mustang with a Florida license plate and is believed to have displayed similar behavior in another incident.

Elliot Ha, who was also on the receiving end of the rant, said he is "truly overwhelmed & grateful w/amount of support being shown towards me, Arine & the #StopAsianHate movement."