Quick-thinking coworker saves man's car from Imelda flood with forklift

Imelda's intense rain fall caught many off guard throughout the Houston area on Thursday, when water levels rose rapidly leaving little time to prepare.

That was the case at AGILE INTERIORS in Houston, where the parking lot flooded in a matter of 30 minutes.

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Many moved their cars to higher ground in time, but some employees were out on jobs, leaving their cars behind in the surprise deluge.

Luckily, Warehouse Technician César Garzon wasted no time in thinking of an ingenious plan.

He helped moved the company trucks to higher ground, but his coworker Victor's Mustang was wheel-deep in water.

So Garzon called Victor to ask permission to move it. Without the keys he had to do it ... with a forklift.

Coworker Itan Contreras watched in shock and awe, and filmed the car rescue.

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Garzon tells FOX 26 his quick action was about being available in a time of need.

'We don't all have money to get the repairs done to the car if they're ruined,' Garzon said. "But I think we all have the human spirit to help one another."

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Thanks to Garzon's human spirit, Victor still has his Mustang.