Queen Elizabeth II: Luci Baines Johnson, daughter of Lyndon Johnson, speaks on Queen's death

Luci Baines Johnson, the daughter of former president Lyndon B. Johnson, spoke Thursday following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Elizabeth II, who passed away at the age of 96, was Britain's longest-reigning monarch, and the second longest-reigning monarch in verifiable human history after King Louis XIV of France.

Luci Baines Johnson spoke at the LBJ Library, where Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip visited during a trip to Texas in May 1991. Luci, her mother Lady Bird Johnson and her sister Lynda Bird Johnson Robb met with the royal couple and exchanged gifts in the Presidential Suite, says the LBJ Library.

The royals gave the former First Lady framed signed photographs of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. 

Queen Elizabeth II was the first British monarch to visit Texas. She made stops in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.


The Queen did not meet President Johnson during his time in office, him being the only president she did not meet during her reign, says the library. Since the Queen assumed the throne in 1952, she has met 13 US presidents, from Harry Truman to Joe Biden. 

Check out the photo gallery below of photos of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's visit to the LBJ Library:

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Queen Elizabeth II, left, speaks with Lady Bird Johnson, middle, and Lynda Johnson Robb, right at the LBJ Library in May 1991. (LBJ Library Photo by Frank Wolfe)