Q Morning Zoo producer fights COVID-19 in the hospital

The New 93Q sent out a prayer request through social media for one of their own, who was hospitalized with complications from COVID-19.

Adrian Perez is well known as "Producer Hoss". We talked to him from his hospital bed.

The producer from Q Morning Zoo says he thought he was doing everything right, staying at home as much as possible, even posting to social media about social-distancing, but he still came down with the virus.

"I tested positive for it and have COVID-induced pneumonia in both lungs. It's especially hard to breathe at night. When I would try to lie down to sleep, they would rotate me to get some type of air in," explains Producer Hoss. 

He says for him, the most difficult thing to deal with when fighting this virus has been not knowing what to expect, but he says he's just handling it day by day.

"Some people fear the worst and that's what happened to me, but once I talked to friends and family, it settled my nerves and I started fighting through it," he explains.   

Since most people are usually surrounded loved ones when in the hospital, he says it was difficult at first to be there on his own, since visitors aren't allowed, but he has gotten used to it.

"Technology and social media helps, and nurses and doctors here are incredible. They've been taking good care of me, checking on me at all hours, and gave me a machine to breathe into to strengthen my lungs," says Producer Hoss.        

He's still trying to figure out where he caught it, but has no idea. It began with a fever for a few days, and then he started coughing up blood. He didn't work from home, but in his own studio at the radio station.

"We shut everything down, except for me and two members of the show. I'm in my own room and I'm away from everybody. When I enter, I go in a certain way, my studio is full-proof," says Producer Hoss.

He's thankful for his colleagues and listeners from 93Q and says their support has made a big difference in his recovery.

"Everyone's sending thoughts and prayers and well wishes, and I just want to say thank you to everybody for that, so to my friends and family - I'm still fighting, still going strong," he smiles.

 "Producer Hoss" is also receiving the anti-viral prescription drug called Remdesivir. He says he believes it's helping him recover faster.