Pro-choice groups gather at city halls across US following Supreme Court draft opinion leak

Rallies were held across the nation and in Texas Tuesday after documents were leaked overnight of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court, which indicated the highest court could overturn Roe v. Wade.

The historic 1973 law serves as a federal constitutional right to an abortion.

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If the decision is made to overturn, it allows individual states to decide to legalize abortions or not.

Dozens of Houstonians gathered at city hall Tuesday to rally against the draft opinion, concerned over if the decision were to be overturned, how that would impact Texans.

"The biggest leak maybe in the history of the Supreme Court, is what I’m hearing," said Jeff Boxell, Pro-Choice. "Was it done politically, perhaps, hopefully this will enthuse the progressive base."

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Not all Houstonians are upset over how the justices seem to be leaning. FOX 26 spoke with the Houston Coalition for Life, their mission to end abortions in Houston. The local non-profit says, they work with churches and thousands who support pro-life.

"I’m very hopeful, and very much enthused, and very much staying in the mode of pure prayer that this will be the final decision," said Christine Melchor, Director of Houston Coalition for Life.