Prairie View Councilman tased at his home

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It's a homecoming weekend this Prairie View graduate will never forget.

Instead of celebrating with his fraternity brothers Prairie View City Councilman Jonathan Miller is being released from jail with blood on his shirt and scars on his back.

Miller says, "I felt like it escalated to a situation where I was tased."

Miller, who's also a school teacher, says he was at his home in Prairie View Thursday night when officers approached his fraternity brothers standing outside.

He says when he asked the officers what was going on he was tased. It was captured on video. Miller was also arrested and taken to jail.

Brandon Woodson is Miller's fraternity brother and he video taped the incident.

He says the officer involved knew all of them as graduates of the school and Miller as a City Council member who just voted for police officers a raise in Prairie View last week.

Chief Larry Johnson says he's investigating the incident and will release the dash and body camera video in the case.