Poll worker ordered to remove his NRA cap after voter outrage

It was quite a scene at an area early voting site after a voter became offended by a poll worker wearing an NRA baseball cap.

“I was very blunt. I told him to take it off,” explains Harris County voter John Cobarruvias.

The worker was ultimately ordered to remove his hat because anyone working at an early voting site or at the polls on Election Day are not allowed to wear political attire, but Cobarruvias says the man who was working there at an early voting site in Clear Lake initially started arguing with him about why he wouldn’t take off his National Rifle Association baseball cap.

So Cobarruvias reported the poll worker to the election judge on site explaining he took particular offense because of this weekend’s deadly synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

“It was highly inappropriate.  To do something like this after 11 Americans were killed just 48 hours ago and she (the election judge) argued.  She defended this man,” says Cobarruvias. 

With the election judge standing up for the poll worker’s right to wear the NRA cap, Cobarruvias didn’t back down.  “Eleven people get killed by a gun nut and you’re going to walk around with a NRA hat working a polling location.  That’s just rubbing it in our faces.”

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart, who oversees the county’s elections, was alerted to what was going on. 

“They shouldn’t have anything on their shirts, hats or anything that is of political nature or perceived to be political by anybody.  We’re a neutral gatekeeper of the whole election process,” explains Stanart.

In fact, Stanart says if you have a complaint about a poll worker and you feel the election judge isn’t handling it, contact his office at (713) 755-6965.  “It’s very important that our poll workers be non-partisan, not be doing anything to show favoritism to one perceived side,” Stanart adds. 

“You know something?  I fought back this time and I’m going to do it again if I have to,” says Cobarruvias.

Voters when you head to the polls you are also restricted from wearing any political attire.