Poll hours extended in Fort Bend Co. after 'technical glitches' reported on first day of early voting

Poll hours have been extended in Fort Bend County this week after "technical glitches" caused widespread problems for voters on the first day of early voting.

Starting Wednesday, all of Fort Bend County's early voting sites will extend the hours this week to 7 p.m. to ensure safe, fair, and accessible elections.

Fort Bend County Judge KP George said he was “extremely disappointed with the technical glitches” that affected election machines in the county on Tuesday morning.

Voters waiting in line for the first day of early voting reported on social media that people had been unable to vote. They also reported long lines.

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The judge said the glitch Tuesday that affected the voting machine was caused because the machines were not programmed correctly. This meant long lines for many voters waiting in 90-degree heat today in Missouri City at a voting location at the Chasewood Clubhouse.

Multiple residents calling out the county for voter suppression.

“I think it’s crazy. This is voter suppression at its best. I came out here at 7:30 because the polls were supposed to open at 8 … and at 8, the computers were down everywhere,” said Carl David Evans, President Fort Bend Super Neighborhood Council.

Voters also tell FOX 26 many of the locations were poorly staffed and did not have enough voting booths. 


Around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Missouri City, tweeted out that all problems have been resolved.

But not before it had already frustrated residents who were waiting in line for more than five hours. 

“We need to know who do we get in contact with to find out why it is this way in our neighborhood in our community,” said Marilyn Chambers. “It's always this way in black communities and we need to know why.”

In a message on Twitter, Judge George said he was personally out at the Smart Financial Centre voting site monitoring the situation.

"I am personally here with voters at the Smart Financial Center mega-site. I will not leave until the machines are operational and online again. Thank you to all those that are sticking in line," Judge George wrote.

He also said he would authorize a full investigation and call for accountability.

“Remember, people have died for our right to vote. Stay in line or come back at a convenient time - the future of our country depends on us. You have three weeks to vote early. We have also extended the hours on the last three days of Early Voting till 9 p.m. for working families,” Judge George wrote.

An active investigation is underway regarding today's incident.