Police shooting follows deadly stabbing in Missouri City

Texas Rangers are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting in Missouri City.

Police say the shooting happened while they were responding to the scene of a deadly stabbing at the Quail Valley Apartment Homes on FM 1092 at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday.

Police say it all started when Dereshia Blackwell, 39, tried to enter through the gate to her apartment complex. Her access code didn’t work, so instead she rammed her car into the gate, smashing it open, and driving into her neighbors’ parked cars, according to police.

Police say when they arrived, Blackwell had left the crash scene and gone to the home of Karl Gomez, 65, who lives two doors down from her.

“I saw a lady beating on the widow,” said Matthew, a neighbor who was out smoking a cigarette when he saw Blackwell approach Gomez’ apartment. “She beat on it twice, and then the door opened and she walked in, and then I heard a whole bunch of screaming and shouting.”

Police say it appears Blackwell murdered Gomez by stabbing him. When officers found her, she was outside with a large knife and a small gun in hand. Police say they told her to drop the weapons. Instead, police say she raised the weapons at the officers and began to go towards them.

“She advanced on them,” said Capt. Paul Poulton. “One officer deployed his taser which was ineffective. The second officer discharged his fire arm, striking the female.”

Police say an officer fired five shots at Blackwell, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say it’s a mystery why she killed Gomez, whom she only new as a neighbor. He leaves behind his son and daughter.

“Horrible,” said Jermaine Gomez, the stabbing victim’s son. “It’s shocking to have something like this happen to your family.”

“He was retired,” said Kristy Gomez, the stabbing victim’s daughter. “He lived alone. He was hanging out at his family’s house watching football. We do fantasy football, and I saw my dad- luckily I saw my dad yesterday.”

Police are waiting on the toxicology reports to determine whether drugs or alcohol played a part in the stabbing.