VIDEO: Police chase suspect in motorcycle tries to blend in with other motorcyclists

A police chase involving a motorcyclist took wild and wacky turns across Los Angeles County late Friday night.

The suspect first led the Glendale Police Department on a chase before the suspect made their way to Eagle Rock, Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood and then West Hollywood.

Over the course of the bizarre chase, the suspect tried to hide at Universal Studios Hollywood, and then back to hitting the road. After that, the suspect was seen trying to blend with a group of other motorcyclists.

After trying to blend in with the group of motorcyclists, the suspect was also seen making a stop at a gas station to fuel up, further extending the chase. 


A group of motorcyclists was caught in the middle of a police chase after the suspect tried to blend in with the group.

It is unknown if the suspect and the group of motorcyclists knew each other.

The suspect was first wanted for possibly stealing the motorcycle. Officials did not say if the suspect is wanted for other crimes.

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