Photos of dogs voting will get you through Election Day

Photo: IG / Yorkieheaven

Election Day is finally here.  

The comeback of the infamous "I voted" stickers are flooding timelines.  The Election of 2016 is so popular that even four-legged friends have gone to vote. 

Just take a look at these good dogs who voted:

Indeed, dog votes do count.


Piper didn't like the selections. However, this pupper still went out to vote!


These supportive pups applaud their dad for voting. #GoodHuman


We hear you pupper, biscuits win every time.


Like many great parents, this one urged their child to vote. What a good kid, they listened. 


Snoopy for 2020!


This face say's it all-- I voted. #GoodBoy


If you haven't voted already, you really should. Click here to see, by a list of states, what time polls close.