Photo of grieving man sitting next to wife's casket goes viral

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A Kentucky woman's Facebook post about a photo of a man sitting next to his wife's casket is going viral. 

On January 31, April Yurcevic Shepperd said she was privileged to share a moment that "conveyed volumes of time" as she witnessed a man named Bobby Moore saying farewell to his wife of nearly 60 years. 

"I saw a man, a broken man, standing vigil over his most prized possession," Shepperd said. "Here was love personified."

Shepperd said when Mr. Moore walked into the room, he walked over to his wife's open casket, leaned down and gave her a kiss. 

"His frail body trembling to keep upright," Shepperd said. 

Moore then spoke to his wife. According to Shepperd, he whispered to her, "I know you can't hear me, but I love you."

Shepperd said Moore arrived an hour before family visitation was scheduled. 

"He pulled up a chair and they sat," Shepperd said. "A cane on his right side, his deceased wife on his left, he sat sidled up to the casket for nearly an hour. He rubbed her arms and patted her hands. It was if he was comforting her, but the truth was, he was comforting himself."

The grieving husband stayed by his wife's side as family members started to arrive. 

"For nearly five hours he stayed nearby, exhausted, spent, until his body demanded he retire and his mind pleaded for respite."

Shepperd said Mr. Moore showed more grace in his time of grief than many do in times of plenty. 

"Today, I witnessed a story of love," she said. "And I shall witness it again tomorrow when the story finally ends, and the stage is empty, and the lights go dark."

Shepperd's photo has more than 2,000 likes and that number continues to grow.