Peers support officer with Stage 4 cancer

There's some pretty cool stuff available at one auction. Autographed jerseys and the like, but the coolest part is not what is up for auction, but the reason for the auction. It's all to raise money for Houston Police Department Officer Norbert Ramon.

“Look at this!," says Norbert in amazement. "What can I say?” He was diagnosed with colon cancer. Although he ate right, exercised and had no symptoms, the cancer surprised him. He actually went to see his doctor on a regular basis. 

“I did my colonoscopy when I was 50 and they found some polyps and they were cancer free," describes Norbert. "They said come back in three years and get a routine check up again and I came back my third year and they said I had stage four colon cancer.” That was March of 2016. He's still here, still fighting it and the effects of chemotherapy.

"He does that twice a month and it's enough to put down a moose and yet he takes it and fights it and keeps going," says Norbert's wife Cindy.

And he continues to put others ahead of himself...even when Harvey struck Houston.

"I could’ve stayed in the office and taken phone calls," says Norbert. "I wanted to go out and work like everybody else and help the community.”

And help he did. Even though he couldn’t get to his precinct, he joined up with another one and started conducting rescue after rescue for days. He's lost track of the number of people he saved. Although the floodwaters have receded, he still wants to keep saving people by helping them save themselves.

"Get that colonoscopy because it's a silent killer," adds Norbert. "By the time you find out, it's practically too late."