Peace officers behind the wheel in ride service aimed at Houston

Two hundred thirty-nine miles to the north of Houston, many ultra-busy Dallas moms are digging the ride service known as "Bubbl".

"This has really helped me be able to pre-plan and feel good about who I'm allowing my son to get in the car with. I feel safe knowing he's getting into the car with someone I can trust," said Carrie Jewel, Dallas mother and avid Bubbl customer.

Bubbl is similar to ride share services like Uber and Lyft, but with a very critical value added. That's because every time you see a vehicle bearing the distinctive blue bubble, it's a sure fire bet there's a fully vetted, off-duty or retired cop behind the wheel.

"We believe that our officers are a safe option for kids to be where they need to be when they can't be with their parents," said Paul Adams, a Bubbl co-founder.

While Bubbl rides are generally short and often limited to destinations in and around a handful of affluent neighborhoods, the service is loaded with measures aimed at locking-up parental "peace of mind".

"What makes the family feel good about putting their student or child in our car is that all of our cars are equipped with a camera," said Adams.

In the Metroplex, Bubbl's clientele has rapidly expanded and now caters to security conscious seniors and folks with special needs. Each ride with the generally well-armed peace officers runs less than $20.

"Most of our rides in the morning before 7 o'clock are adult women that want to go the airport and they just want to feel safe," said Alex Miller, also a Bubbl co-founder.

Miller tells FOX 26 the decision has been made to bring Bubbl's brand of secure transport to the Bayou City.

"I mean there are three or four possible bubbles in Houston that would work great," said Miller.

River Oaks, West University and Bellaire are all likely prospects for an unprecedented level of protection that's just a phone call away.

"The thing we hear the most is, 'When are you coming to our neighborhood?' It's a good problem to have," said Miller.

Unlike other ride share services, Bubbl owns and insures all of its vehicles, and even though all of its drivers are peace officers, they are independently tested for drug use.

Miller says the launch date in Houston will depend on finding the right local partners.